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I love tacos!

The way a taco is eaten is very special. It is necessary to take it only with three fingers: the thumb, the index finger and the middle finger, since the ringing of the little finger should never touch the signal. Of course, the latter must get up.


El Mezcal

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The drink of the gods, was conceived by a ray that fell on an agave that gave rise to the first tatema, thus initiating the tradition of the Oaxacan elixir par excellence that today shelters the culinary culture of the Mexicans and with it: identity. The Mezcal had its origin and name from the principle of combination, the word Mezcal comes from the Nahuatl structure of the word Mezcal: 'Metl' meaning Maguey, in juxtaposition with the word 'Ixcalli' which means cooked, the formal translation it should be 'Maguey Cocido', however there was another term, a word oníricamente more similar to the current pronunciation: "Mexcalmetl" word of origin Nahuatl with which also referred to the plant of Maguey.


Otro Mezcal Señor?